adult phone chat with the cutest girl ever

adult phone chat

Adult phone chatwith the cutest girl ever. You love that I’m your next-door neighbor; you really have a thing for me and wanting to use me. All you have thought about for weeks is how you’re gonna fuck me raw and pound me till there’s jizz leaking out of me.

Your wife never fucks you as I do, so you never stop yourself when I’m home alone to drop in and fuck me. All you ever do is jerk off thinking about pounding me and making me your little slut in your head. It feels so good to use a young whore like me up.

You have become so obsessed with me, and I can’t get enough of you. All I want is your cock, and I want your attention.

It feels so amazing to have you thrust into me and pound my every hole. My body belongs to you, and you can do what you please with me.

You have become so in lust with me you want to divorce your wife and have me as your perfect full-time sweet girl.

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