Adult Phone Chat Bred Cheerleader

Adult Phone Chat can go in so many directions! I’m a teen slut that loves all that dirty talk. Some of the dirtiest bits of fun with an dirty daddy was about breeding my teen pussy. I love to say my cooch and he laughs at me telling me no, it’s a pussy. Daddy types are so silly!

It was a lot of fun to tease him. I showed him a tiny glimpse of my cooch, cunt twat, pussy, vagina and even this tight teen cuny was just too much for him! He was a hard daddy too *wink* get one over on. I teased him one last time. I straddled his lap twirling my pig tail end with my fingers as I softly grinded my sweet nectar pot against his bulge.

That was all he could take! He told me that he was just going to slip something under those panties of mine. I giggled and then gasped as I felt his big fat daddy prick penetrate my fuck hole! OMG! I squealed and wiggled and he just held me down and thrusted his bulging fuck meat inside my cunt. This daddy said I would make him a new daddy and take his seed in my womb and breed me.

Adult Phone Chat

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