Adult Phone Chat with Georgia

Adult Phone Chat

Your adult phone chat girl is a little bit of a curious but dumb whore! I am here to tell you the story of how slutty I can be when I am taken by a scary-looking man who wants me for my naughty pussy! So, I was making my way home from the club with the girl. I wore a short ruffled skirt, cowgirl boots, and a cow print crop top! On my way to my car, I dropped my keys in the dark. It was way past two am when I bent down to grab them. When I did I felt someone’s hands grab my hips and throw me over their shoulder! My bare ass was in the wind when he threw me into his trunk with quick reflexes and slammed it down! When I woke up he dragged me into his dark home that smelled of cigarettes and I could feel him pumping his cock in and out of my naked cunt. He took off my clothes while I was asleep and was using my body! I couldn’t help it and moaned as he fucked me! I moaned while he fucked me in my sleep. I could feel myself wanting to come! I wanted to come all around his thick, hard, and big cock. He told me to let go and I let myself squirt all over him. When I came down from that high, I realized he had a knife to my throat! I let him finish inside of me, afraid he would cut me but when he was done, he took that knife down to my stomach and made some small, little cuts. This is when I realized I was bound by my wrists and I was not going anywhere! What am I going to do now? What is he going to do to me?

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