Adult Phone Chat Trixie

Adult Phone Chat

As an adult phone chat slut, I have to keep up with all of these crazy and hot fetishes! But, a few always really stick out to me. I have always adored how women look pregnant and I always imagine myself being stuffed full by a hard cock. I want that cum stuffed as deep as it can go and keep it from dripping out as I lay in bed and wait for the cells to make me a hot, pregnant teen mommy! My tits would grow and start to lactate as I got bigger in the pregnancy that a daddy dick gave me/ I want to be bred just like that and I really feel like you are the man to do it! You would come over and watch a horror movie, eat some snack and start to rub my sweet, teen tits! You would kiss and lick my skin to turn me on. Then get that rock-hard cock close to my little dripping wet pussy. Your balls are begging for release as you close in on me before thrusting that cock deep into my teen pussy! My screams echo through the room as you start to pound me nice and deep. Oh, daddy! You are hitting all of the right spots in my cunt. My wet and slick walls are squeezing around that thick dick of yours. I can feel your cock tensing and needy so fucking needy to cum inside of me! I’m ready for it daddy let me have it, baby! I want to be knocked up daddy, please. You know you want to see me so fucking pregnant with your seed. I rock my hips against you and feel you tense up as I milk your cock of all the cum! Give me all of it!

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