Adult Phone Chat Smoking Fetish

Getting in some hot adult phone chat time in for that hot smoking fetish fix is worth the splurge. I know you, like all my men work hard and really need to relax. I love to relax with some whisky and a cigarette under the night sky. I find it so sexy when I can sip on my whisky and smoke my cigarette while you are worshiping my feet. To blow my smoke upon you while you hold my stocking clad foot as you lick and suck on it. Your licking and sucking cause my cunt to become moist and the aroma from between my legs can be smelled as you work your tongue up my calve and slowly kiss up my thigh. I take a long drag and as I slowly exhale I slide my panties off. Your excitement grows as I lean in and pull your face to mine and slowly exhale my smoke between your parted lips as I deeply kiss you. Your throbbing cock gets a caress with my stocking clad feet and you cannot control yourself.

 Do you cum on my feet or do you ravish my pussy as you dive in and eat my milf cunt out until I explode in orgasmic bliss all over your pervy tongue?

adult phone chat

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