Adult phone chat is my secret pleasure

adult phone chatAdult phone chat is my little secret pleasure that most people in my life don’t know anything about. I try to keep it to myself because it is just so much naughtier that way you know? Well I guess I am really good at keeping secrets because my good friend’s husband called me the other day. He saw my pictures and still had no idea that it was me! He even told me on the phone that I looked so much like a friend of his wife’s but that he knew I couldn’t possibly be her because the girl he was talking about was way too prim and proper to do any kind of phone sex. I had to mute my phone I was laughing so hard! If he only knew how pervy I could really be! Anyway, he had a whole fantasy about fucking me and his wife together, just listening to it got me soaking wet and made me want to make it happen for real. I know he is a great fuck with a big cock because my friend brags about it all the time, I wonder if I could convince her to do a threesome and make his fantasy come true!

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