Adult Phone Chat Sluts Have More Fun

adult phone chatAdult phone chat sluts have colorful lives. You don’t get into this kind of business if you a good girl. I was not always the liberated sexual deviant I am now. I didn’t grow up in an incest world. I married a man and had two offspring. I never cheated. I never watched porn. I was a stay at home mom even though I was college educated. I thought I was living the American dream. I thought I had the perfect marriage. The bottom fell out when I discovered that my husband had a sex addiction. One I was clueless about. One that nearly bankrupted us because he was spending all his money on escorts, strippers and phone sex. I kicked him out of the house and sued for divorce. I was curious about what those women had that I didn’t have, so I watched porn. I went to strip clubs and I even hired one of his escorts and had my first lesbian encounter. I was pissed that I almost lost our home because of his addiction and our son and daughter no longer had college funds, but I saw the lure. The more I explored what my husband liked, the more drawn in I became. I needed to make money quickly to keep us afloat, so I became a mature escort first. Then I tried phone sex.  I still escort occasionally, but my money is earned through talking dirty primarily. Once I was in the adult world, I became kinkier. I started fucking my son and his friends. I even fucked my daughter. I still do. The adult world, the seedier part of life, is more thrilling. I can never go back to being Suzy homemaker again. I want to be Victoria, mommy whore for eternity. Whores have more fun.

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