Adult Phone Chat on Quarantine

adult phone chatAdult phone chat is the best example of social distancing. You can’t catch a nasty virus phone fucking this nasty mommy. I am confined to home too, which is a huge bummer. I can’t get coke. I love being high, but this damn virus is fucking up my routine. The plus side, however, is that my two horny boys are home from school for several weeks. They are horny all the time. Being cooped up inside makes younger boys cagey. This sexy mommy has a plan to help with that feeling. Family fucking. My sons nail me every morning and all throughout the day. My husband can work his job, so that leaves me in the day alone with two horny boys and nothing else to do but fuck. So, that is what I do on quarantine. Fuck my two horny boys and talk on my adult phone lines. I am enjoying quarantine. I can’t get high, but I can have dirty sex. Lots of dirty hot incest sex. So, my question to you is how are you spending your time stuck at home?

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