Adult Phone Chat Mommy

adult phone chatI am new to the world of adult phone chat, but guys tell me often they think I have been doing this for decades. My daughter was the one that suggested I get into this kind of work. My sons are grown up and out of the house. My daughter starts college next year and my husband is a work acholic. I come from money and I married money, so I don’t need to work. I do, however, need to fuck. I am a sex addict and proud of it. I will never try to be a good wife. My husband knows I am a slut wife. If I don’t humiliate him, he is okay with whatever I do. My daughter was worried I would be lonely when she is at college. My plan was just to fuck more. Hard to believe I can fuck more than I already do, but I am sure I can. Hookers do it all the time, right? I like phone sex. It will never replace the real thing, but it can enhance it. I talk to bigger perverts than me and they inspire me. Because I am an incest mommy and a cum whore, it is hard to imagine that you can inspire me, but you can, and you do when you share your dirty secrets with me.

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