Adult Phone Chat Mommies Help You be a P Parent

adult phone chatTaboo adult phone chat is my specialty.  I love to talk about incest and family fun. I am a dirty mommy. I was a brother fucker as a young girl. Now, I am a son fucker. Daughter fucker too. There are not many safe spaces to talk about incest experiences, but this is one of them. I love talking to other family fun folks, even if they just have incest fantasies and no real experience yet. My experiences can help incest fantasies seem real.

I have a collection of incest DVDs I like to watch with my family. Some legal porn, others not so much. My favorite porno to watch with my sons is “Taboo.” This was the first full length porn film about a real mother and son relationship. I think it was simulated as in they were porn actors not a real mommy and son. This film made me look at my boys in a different light. I identified well with the horny mother, who was played by Kay Parker.  This movie got guys thinking. It got some mommies thinking too. I started my boys out much younger than in the movie “Taboo.” The horny energy that boys have when they are young, should be harvested for a mommy’s advantage. Boys need to be trained to take care of their mommy’s needs. Just like girls need to be trained for daddy’s needs. I believe that it is the parents’ responsibility to make sure the boys and girls under their roof know how to please adults.

A good way to introduce your offspring to incest sex is with a movie night.  Show them Taboo and discuss their feeling about it afterwards. Sit on the couch together watch the film and have a talk with your offspring most families do this. It is that easy. My boys and I have been fucking for decades. Now, I play with them and their sons. Phone sex is a great way to explore your taboo thoughts and experiences. Let a dirty mommy help you become a p daddy.

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