Adult Phone Chat Lauren

Adult Phone Chat

I spent my day stripping my house and cleaning! While walking around it naked. All-day. With the blinds and windows wide open for air! I knew you could see me as you have a clear view through nearly the whole neighborhood but it is just me and you here. You watched as I took my clothes off, and put them in the washer with the rest of the laundry. You watched as I did the dishes, and you watched while I also pulled out my pretty, shiny toys and used them on myself. I stared out of my bedroom, listening to sexy music, and stared right at you. My face changes in pleasure as I scream in pleasure. I indicate for you to come over, you get close to my window and watch as I squirt and cum all over my ass and thighs. Come closer baby. I make you lick and taste those running juices that keep flowing out of me as you lick up to my pussy. You suck on my clit and I cum again, making a mess of your face. You pull out your cock and I tease you, walking away and looking back at you. There is one last thing I have not cleaned yet and that is myself. So you sit there and watch as I step into my see-through glass shower and bein running hot soapy water all around my tight body. Watch as I clean my mess from my body and play with my clit. Isn’t entertaining watching me squirt against the glass? Now time for me to do that to your face! I lean back, open the shower and make you open your mouth wide! I moan loudly and shoot my juices right at you! I love watching it fill your mouth up!

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