Adult Phone Chat Babe Jordan

Adult Phone Chat


You need an adult phone chat slut to entertain all of your hottest and kinkiest desires don’t you baby? Or would you prefer daddy? Maybe Master? Whatever you dream of, I can fulfill by just the use of the words that flow out of my mouth! You can hear me use my desperate fingers play with my cunt, trying to make myself cum over and over again for you! I want you to hear me scream your name with the feeling of my tight pussy all wrapped around your cock! Imagine my mouth dripping and drooling all down it. I would have your huge, thick dick face fucking me as long as you need. The whole time you watch me gurgle my spit and spit it out back onto your cock, See how it drips down my sweet little chin? How I can spit it all down my chest and cover my tits in it? I’m covering my tits a in it and letting it drool down your cock. I get on my knees and lay you on your back and wrap your cock with my tits around it and start bounce up and down to fuck you with my pretty tits! I lick and flick your tip if the dick with my tongue and massage your balls in my hands. I want your cum to squirt all out at me and cover my chest too! So that I can lick up all of my whore juice for you to watch! Shoot that hot load of cum in my face and aim for my pretty mouth! I want to feel it run down the back of my throat and taste it, let it fill my mouth up so my that my cheeks are full of cum! Cum fuck this face!

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