Adult Phone Chat Freak

adult phone chat

Hi there, sexy. Are you ready for some adult phone chat with a no limits kind of phone sex girl? Listen, I know how lame it is to be horny and then have someone tell you no. Or even worse than that – to be shamed for what turns you on. That’s nonsense and it’ll never happen when you’re on the phone with a fuckalicious freak like me. Tell me what kind of twisted things get your dick hard, baby. Just close your eyes and wrap your hand around your cock while I tell you everything I would be doing to you.

One of my favorite taboo topics to role play is rape fantasies! I know that not many girls are into that, but if that’s what makes your cock hard, then I’m absolutely the girl you need to talk to. I don’t know what it is about someone forcing himself on me that gets me so hot…I just know that it does. So, if you’ve ever wanted to wield that kind of power over a helpless girl, let’s play! I’m here, ready and waiting to have some fun with you! Remember, the nastier the better! See if you can shock me and push my limits!


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