Adult Phone Chat for secret sissies

Adult phone chat is what some sissies use because they love getting fucked like whore bitches by big black cocks. I know this because I train them to be the perfect sissy bitch. They have all their lives like normal men but when they come to me it is time for them to let their inner whore out. That is why you pay for me to be the mommy you have needed that will make you into the girl slut you are. I will dress you up and make you look like the whore big dicks need to get milked. From now on in my presence you will have panties stocking and heels on. I will have Jackoff porn on because I know your mouth waters when you see a big dick being stroked and all you want to do is suck it just like I have trained you to do. Getting cum in your holes now is your goal. You are no longer the man I met, you are the sissy bitch I trained. Nothing in life matters, all you want and need is to be the fuck doll cum dumpster you pay me to use.

Adult Phone Chat

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