Adult Phone Chat for Perverts

adult phone chat

Are you in the mood for some adult phone chat? I am always in the mood for some kinky chat. I am not the gfe type, however. Not that I don’t care about your day or your job. I just care more about your perverted fantasies than anything else. Do you have mommy fantasies? Do you like a druggy or submissive whore? If you have dark and taboo fantasies, I’m your whore. I love to party and fuck my sons. I love being used in exchange for drugs too. What can I say? I am a nasty freak. Christmas Eve, most mothers are baking and wrapping gifts. Not me. I was fucking a black dealer to score me enough coke to get through the holidays. I came home high with cum dripping out of my fuck holes. No one minded, however. My sons and my husband prefer me high. Coke brings out my nasty freak side. I never say no to a boy blow bang when I am high as a kite. I am the best present a young boy could have, right?

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