Adult Phone Chat For Perverts

adult phone chat

When you call me, you might get cheap adult phone chat, but you know what? You can make up for it by spoiling me rotten. Remember all those times I talked about having a caller who sold his wife’s prized pearls? Well, I’m sure there’s something lying around your house that you can sell, too. I’m never going to feel bad for you when you tell me how you’re getting low on money. There’s always something you can do to be able to talk to me because I’m never going to be talking to you for free. Why would I do that?  You’re a loser and I don’t associate with losers unless you pay.

I have also had guys who have gone to donate plasma so they could afford a phone call with me. I’m THAT addictive. So if you’re a new caller and you have read this and still call me, then that’s your damn problem, not mine. If you get yourself addicted and I’m your drug of choice, well that’s just the way the cookie crumbles, loser. I’ll be waiting to take over your mind, body, and bank account. You’ll crave me all day and all night, so get ready.

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