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adult phone chat

Adult phone chat with me is for men who like cougars. I think maybe the reason I am always on the prowl for cubs to play with or hunting for young studs online, is that I am missing my own son. People say often that incest is wrong, but most of the royal family in England are related somehow. The great Greeks and Romans celebrated incest. Only in the US is fucking your son considered some great taboo. No one will love a boy more than his mother. So, when I get horny, I gravitate to those young studs because they remind me of my son. The saddest day of my life was when my son left the roost. One of the happiest was when he came back home because of this virus. That has been the silver lining in all of this. His college career is on hold and he cannot find steady work. I let him and sister come back home. I welcomed them with open arms and open legs. Hooking up with younger men you meet in a club or on Tinder is not the same as waking up every morning knowing your son will crawl into bed with you, needing you to take care of his morning wood. It feels so good to have my boy waking me up with his tongue and morning wood again. This morning, he came to the side of the bed with a hard cock. I sucked his cock, he called me mommy. He needed his sexy mommy and I needed my mother fucker. He shot such a big yummy load in my mouth too. I love the taste of my son’s cum. I think I could live on it! Do you need a mommy? Maybe just a cougar? Either way, I am here for all my boys.

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