Adult Phone Chat Chloe

Adult phone chat

A cute little cum slut needing adult phone chat all for fun tonight! I have on my best dress and underneath just hides so much more naughty, secretive, and seductive fun for the both of us! So let’s dance and drink while you stare at my long legs through this slitted dress I have on for you tonight only for you to peel off my skin to take in my body. My curves, tits, and ass. Now, look at my tight, shaved cunt! Isn’t it so pretty? All ready for you to take how you want. Imagine me in every position possible and bend me in the way you need. Cover me in your cum or leave it dripping inside me. Pick a hole to use as your cum dumpster and take me that way! We dance and dance while our eyes meet, saying the same thing. We finger down the doorways and hallways until we find a sitting room with a couch to fall back on. Your lips are all over me as I grip your cock through your pants. All nice and hard while I’m slick with pussy juices in my panties! You slip the dress right off up me and your cock is out quick. I massage your balls and place my lips all-around your cock. I start sucking, licking, and swirling. Then I give the tip a kiss and let you bend me over the plush and dar green couch in the darkroom with open windows. I feel you press it against me and a moan escapes my lips. My moans grow louder with each hard pump of your thick cock into my wet cunt. I scream out as my cunt begins to pulse with a hard and hot orgasm, spasming around your cock and getting you over the edge with me!

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