Adult Phone Chat about Big Butts and Sex on the Beach

adult phone chat sexy BBWLet’s have some adult phone chat about big beautiful bouncing butts and tits. I love the beach because I can squeeze my big tits and ample ass into tiny bikinis and jiggle my goodies all over the place. You know you enjoy seeing full figured beauties flaunting their tits and ass. Today was my first day at the beach this season. I oiled my plump ass up with lots of baby oil and hit the sand. All these skinny flat chested coeds didn’t get half the attention I did.

Guys were not only watching me, but hitting on me. One guy followed me up and down the beach like a lost puppy dog. He was watching my rump shake back and forth. I almost gave him a heart attack, bending over to pick up a seashell. I confronted him finally. “See something you like,” I inquired? He was tongue tied. I pushed him into the water with me so we could frolic in the waves. I pulled off his swim trunks and blew him right there in the ocean. He was a skinny thing; I am sure my plump ass blocked any real view of what I was doing.

He blew his wad quickly. Never said much to me. Too bad he scurried away so fast. I would have fucked him with the waves crashing around us. He had a nice dick. A little skinny, just like he was, but really long. I love sex on the beach. Now that the sun is shining and it is over 70 every day, you will find me soaking up the rays and picking up guys on the beach all summer long. Have you ever fucked on the beach? You don’t know what you are missing, if you haven’t.

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