Adult Phone Chat

Adult Phone ChatI meet my kinkiest clients doing my Adult Phone Chat. These clients are from all over the world but they still manage to find big beautiful me. Kail came to me all the way from New Zealand. In his country, they are pretty open regarding sexuality and don’t have stupid taboos or get embarrassed like us Americans. Kail loves every inch of my big curvy body. And especially my big fat cunt. The thing that gets my cunt so freaking sloppy wet about Kail is his kink of stretching out my already huge fucking cunt. Kail will take baseball bats and two-liter bottles and jam them entirely in my cunt filling me like a stuffed pig ready for fucking. I have had men’s fist and have had their arms shoved deep in my cunt hole and some even fucked me with small objects. But Kail wants my cunt to be a sloppy huge gaping fucking mess. At first, I was not sure if I wanted to have such huge objects fucking me stretching my huge cunt out. But I couldn’t stop thinking about his nasty words he would say to me over the phone I just had to meet him and see if it was going to be as hot as he was making it sound. The first time we met I thought maybe he might go lite on what he stuffs my big cunt with but no Kail held nothing back. The first object he grabbed to fuck me with was the baseball bat. He first shoved the bat little side in first. He got my cunt soaked and stretched out and began cramming my cunt with the big side of the bat. He was fucking my cunt hard with that bat bouncing of my G-spot he was making me squirt every time he pounced on it. The sheets were drenched but he kept fucking me harder pushing the bat in deeper. He shoved that entire bat big end first into my cunt fuck hole stuffing me full. Kail’s kink could make one hell of a Jackoff porn.

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