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Jackoff Porn and Cat Fight

Jackoff pornI came home from a quick run to the convenience store, and found the 2 girls fighting in my living room. Little arms were flailing slaps at each other as little hands pulled at hair. They were screeching and kicking at each other. They’re best friends, so I never really expected such, but there it was. I immediately pulled them apart, having to physically hold them apart until they both realized it was no use, and calmed down. Once they told me what had happened, I sat on the couch and set them up right in front of me. I told them that they were both getting a spanking, and they exchanged a guilty look. I pulled my daughter’s friend over my lap first, slid her shorts just below her cheeks, and smacked my hand down on her little ass 5 full times. At the end, I gave it a light massage to help it stop hurting faster, and couldn’t resist a quick tease of my finger down her gash. Next was my daughter’s turn, and she pulled her pants down for me. Just as I was finishing her licks, her little friend ducked between her legs and under my hand and started licking her gash. Right there, with my daughter turned over my knee, I watched her little friend eat her little cunt out. Well, that turned things around completely. We started fingering, licking, sucking, eating, and fucking each other. It was a fantastic rest of the afternoon!

Stephanie the best

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Adult Phone Chat Granny

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Adult phone chat with me is always hot!

adult phone chatAdult phone chat is always fun with me because I am always horny as hell! I love talking about all kinds of nasty things that we like to do, my favorite tho is to tell you just how much I love sucking dick. I spent half the day sucking dick yesterday, my neighbor came over to help me fix my dishwasher and one thing just kind of led to another. How could I resist? I could see the outline of a huge cock in his pants, I just had to have it! I pretty much just took what I wanted, I got right down on my knees in front of him and pulled it out of his pants and just started sucking it. He didn’t stop me, in fact he just started fucking my mouth! It was hot as fuck! I let him fuck my mouth till he came and told him he could come b anytime!

Adult Phone Chat – Sensual Sex

Adult phone chatI was sleeping soundly, dreaming a dream that got me all hot and bothered. Slowly, I was awakened to the reality of his hands on my body, gently sucking on my tit while his hand teased mercilessly at my pussy. When he realized I was awake, he smiled up at me, kissed me gently, then slowly kissed and licked his way down my body. His mouth and tongue worked their way between my breasts, over my tummy and belly, and straight to my clit. They wrapped themselves around that little bud, licking, stroking, sucking, and teasing at it, as his fingers slid inside of me. His other hand found its way back up to my left tit, massaging and toying with the nipple. He was quickly working me into a frenzy, but seemed to be not the least bit in a hurry to help ease my frustrations. I started grinding my hips and trying to work my way to orgasm, but the harder I ground my hips and tried to fuck his face and fingers, the slower and gentler he got. The message was clear – we were doing this on his terms, and I’d get off when he was ready. He worked my body over tenderly, lovingly, for several minutes, and by the time he was finally ready to really lay into me, I was in a heated frenzy. I was begging him for his cock, and when he gave it to me, I wrapped myself around him, latched on, and started fucking up and down his cock. He laughed a little, but started pounding deep and hard into me, finally helping me to that sweet, sweet release I was craving.

Call me pervert

Adult phone chatHey you, how are you doing tonight? I want you to call me and lets have some adult phone chat, and see where it takes us. We can either talk about normal things or I would love to get you off over and over again. I can talk dirty about anything you want and you better believe I am the best. I am into ever phone sex fetish there is so I can get off on anything you want baby. I want to be your dirty little whore and I promise you can make do whatever you want. You don’t even have to beg I will do whatever it takes to make my man happy. You want me to get on my knees and beg for your cock than I will.

Adult Phone Chat Slave Girl

Adult phone chatMaster is out of town for the week, and has forbidden me to pleasure myself. I have a very active imagination, which has made it terribly hard to refrain from playing while he’s gone. It’s been 3 days since Master left, and my cunt is so hungry. Making breakfast this morning, all I could think of was the last time Master had made breakfast for us. He’d put me on my knees and face-fucked me while he flipped pancakes. Master had me follow him on my knees, sucking his dick the entire time, as he walked to the table, sat down, ate, and even cleaned up. He stayed nice and hard for me, and never once got close to cumming until he’d finished. Then, he lifted me up, bent me over the counter, shoved up into me, and fucked me until he came. He actually let me cum that time, too, for being such a good girl all through breakfast. Thinking about it had my pussy so fucking wet and ready to cum, and I wasn’t allowed to even flick my bean! Oh, the next few days are going to be hell!