The Boss’s FuckToy

Anal sex whoreEver since the boss had caught me stealing his dope, I had been his fucktoy. I submitted to any and every sexual desire. In return, he let me keep my job and he keeps me supplied with my nose candy. Secretly I enjoyed being his whore. I loved being used whenever and however he wanted. Tonight he was entertaining a very important client. He called me into the office and demanded I suck his client’s cock. I quickly dropped to my knees and took his cock into my mouth. At the same time, The boss came up behind me, roughly shoved my panties to the side and entered me. He fucked hard into my pussy, shoving me further down on his clients cock. Someone suggested we change positions. I ended up on top of my boss riding cowgirl. His client wasted no time coming behind me and filling my ass with his big fuck stick. There is nothing I love better than being filled in both holes by rock hard cock. I was in heaven being fucked back and forth between them. I was so turned on, I started squirting. The tightening of my muscles from my orgasm must have sent them over the edge because I was soon getting hot thick cum filling both my holes. I was a sloppy mess, and I couldn’t be happier.

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