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Adult Phone Chat Will Make Your Cock Hard

Adult Phone Chat

Adult Phone Chat doesn’t mean you have to only talk about missionary sex.  Hell no!  It does mean that you can talk about anything you want.  With sexy women like me.  I will tell you about how I have found my kinky side after my divorce.

I have found that the more lovers I have, the more satisfied I am.  I also have a pretty naughty kink of my own.  I love to watch people having sex.  Since I have money it makes it a hell of a lot easier to find a couple who are willing to fuck each other in front of me while I watch.  I will pay then nicely to see his cock slip into all her fuckable holes.

It is one of the many fetishes I have developed since I am single.  Another one is Domination.  I have found that I really enjoy Dominating someone’s wife while they watch us.  I have this one couple who I play with a lot.  He doesn’t like it sometimes that I spend all my energy on his wife, but it is about what I want, not him. 

The first time I made her worship my ass I think he might of came in his pants.  He wanted to go, but I wasn’t done.  She is such a good slut too.  She obeys me so well, and is always eager to please.  I make her beg for me to use the strap-on on her.  She cums so hard when I do that, but I will not allow her to cum unless she has satisfied me completely first.

I am sure there are many more kinks, and fetishes out there that I will find that I enjoy.  I hope that you do the same, no matter what type of fantasy you have in your heard, make sure you try it at least once.  I hope you find that it gets you off the way mine make me do.

Kinky Babe Gloria