Suck It Good

Its finally fireplace weather and I watched as you hauled the wood in from outside before turning on your jackoff porn. You told me to get off my ass and help but I just giggled at you and told you no way. You were sent here by my mother to take care of me and I didn’t have to listen to you. I could see how mad this made you even though you didn’t say anything. I watched you stack the wood and light the fire and said sarcastically, “finally!”.  You walked straight over to me and told me I wouldn’t be speaking to you that way. I laughed again and told you to shut up.

You grabbed me by the hair and yanked me off the couch. I was so shocked I couldn’t even scream. You yanked me up to my knees and told me that since you were here to take care of me that you were going to do just that. You called me a spoiled little bitch and wouldn’t let go of my hair. The more I tried to pull away, the harder you yanked it. You started unzipping your jeans and your cock flopped out right in my face. You began rubbing it on my lips and told me to suck it. I tried to keep my mouth closed but you tightened your grip on my hair and I didn’t have a choice but to open wide.

jackoff porn aiden

You started fucking my mouth and the whole time you were telling me what a bitchy little spoiled slut I was and how I needed to be taught how to obey my elders. I started crying but you didn’t care at all – it was your turn to laugh. The fire was raging and was so hot on my skin. I was wishing I had helped you carry the wood in. Or was I? There was something about the way you just took me and fucked my mouth that had my pussy wet inside my jeans. All I knew was that from now on I would try to be good… or would I?

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