Submissive Phone Chat with Mommy

submissive phone chatSubmissive phone chat is what I excel in. I am a career submissive whore. My eldest son from my first marriage loves making me his bitch. He was aggressive when he came out of my pussy. The first time I breast fed him, he just about tore off my nipple sucking so hard. As he grew older, he found more ways to hurt me. He never let me sleep for one. Then when he could walk, he was biting and slapping me nonstop. The doctor just said he had a lot of energy, but it seemed like anger. He was still a school boy the first time he force fucked his mommy. So bold too. Did it in front of my husband who didn’t do a thing to help me. His response was, “boys will be boys.” After that first force fuck, my son would cum in my face while I was sleeping. He would cum on my food while I was eating. He would fuck my ass as soon as I got out of the shower. Any chance he could, he was sodomizing me or making me eat his cum. By the time he was in college, he was pimping his mommy out to his college friends to abuse. I stay pretty high so I can withstand the abuse. Do you have rape phone sex fantasies about mommy?

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