Submissive Adult Phone Chat

adult phone chatI love adult phone chat. As a submissive whore, I get super wet talking to masters who make me do and say degrading things. I had a caller last night that made me expose my naked body in front of my big bay window. Many neighbors were walking by and saw me. My caller loved it. He made me yell out the window that I was a dirty fat old whore. He had me oink like a pig and bark like a dog, to add more humiliation to the mix. I am a humiliation pig. I love to be shamed. My caller had me lick the toilet bowl too. It was gross, but I did it. I do whatever I am told. It was how I was raised. I was daddy’s fuck slut and submissive whore as a little girl. Now, I am a phone sex whore for all the phone masters out there. What would you have me do to humiliate myself?

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