Subby Fetish? Look No Further!

fetish phone sex (6)

Don’t you know I can do anything you horny heart desires? Be your submissive slut that you need? I strongly believe that all women should worship men, allow them to do whatever they want with us, and this should start at a very young age. That’s what happened with my Daddy. He raised me to be his subby whore and personal punching bag and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I know that honestly, that’s all I am good for anyway! I know that being punched is only for my stupid actions, for speaking when not spoken to and for thinking I actually have a mind of my own. I know I don’t but if you feel you need to beat that into me just a little bit more… feel free. You can do anything to me. Fuck me hard as you can, cut my little body all over, make me bleed and cry… do it all. I won’t complain I am a very very very good slut that is more than ready to be used!

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