Sexy Mommas

sexy mommas Do sexy mommas get your cock hard? It is okay to admit that you have a thing for older women, maybe even your own mommy. I mean if you had a mother like me, your dick would be hard 24/7. I got big tits, curvy hips and a nice round ass. And the best part is that I am in my sexual prime. So this sexy mommy could no longer resist the charms of her three young brats. They teased and taunted me with their boy cocks for a couple years, but finally I caved in. I let them all stock pile me in bed. Their naked bodies humping up against mine felt amazing. They rubbed their little dicks all over my face and tits. When they came on me, it was like a jet blast. I had no idea they could cum that hard or that much at that young of an age. They told me it was because I had been dick teasing them since they were knee high. And here I was the one thinking they were teasing me. Now that I broke the seal so to speak, I think we be having lots of family fun in 2016.

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