Sexy Mommas Naughty Bedtime Stories

Sexy Mommas MakennaWhen my son tells me I am his sexy mommas, I know he means it. I have been showing him how a true sexy lady should take care of the special men in her life. There will never be a time in his life where he wont know exactly how he should be taken care of. I fear he will never find a sexy milf quite like me. The first few times I showed him how a woman uses her mouth to milk a cock, he was so nervous. I ended up giving him some of my coke to keep his cock nice and hard. When he gets nervous he ends up with limp dick. So a good amount of blow kept his little boy cock nice and stiff. That gave me some good sucking and licking time on that dick of his. He took pretty much all night, but in the end I must have swallowed a gallon of boy cum!

When I showed him how a good woman’s slutty cunt should feel, again I had to get him nice and high off of blow to keep him hard. I wanted him to enjoy the way a nice hot and moist sex should wrap around his boy cock and slide him in and out. I reached around and showed him how to work the asshole open nice and big for a good fuck. He should know how each hole feels, and he should be able to cum in all three dumpsters. It only took a few months before he could hold his hard on, but by that time, fucking his mommy with his boy cock was just much more fun when we could snort rails and fuck all night. You cum so much more intense and hard that way!Sexy MILF Makenna

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