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sexy mommas big titsSexy mommas like sex toys too. Have you ever heard of Passion Parties? They are the latest work from home endeavor that many housewives are doing. Like Mary Kay for sex toys. A friend of mine is a consultant, so to help boost her sales and get some freebie toys for me and the grand angels, I threw a party. In addition to her selection of modern sex toys, I brought my vintage sex toy collection. I thought it would help boosts her sales if my friends saw how sleek and powerful sex toys are today.

I had about 30 women over, my own daughters included and of course my grand girls. Everyone there knew of my open family lifestyle. I demonstrated some of my vintage toys on my grand girls. They laid on the floor, spread their little bald pussies. My 1940 Polar Club electric vibrator had them convulsing so hard they looked like they were possessed. Honestly, I had no clue this was like an industrial strength vibrator. Before long all the ladies at the party were like fuck the Rabbit, I wanna try the old fashioned vibes. Holy shit. I felt bad. No one wanted a modern sex toy.

adult phone chat  masturbation storiesMy female friends were squirting wildly playing with my vintage collection. We were all doused in girl juice. It had been a while since I had tried any actually. I inherited the collection from my Aunt. Those toys were built to last. So powerful they felt more like power tools on our clits than sex toys. I ended up buying a few hundred dollars of toys from my friend’s collection since my plan backfired. At the very least I could use them on my granddaughters tiny fuck holes. Save the industrial strength toys for the adults.

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