Sexy girls phone number…call it!

dirty phone talkI had a guy recently call me and he really enjoyed our call…he called my sexy girls phone number for some dirty phone talk.  Now, don’t knock it before you try it either. At first you might not like it, you will be begging to cum, but no, you can’t. After I finally let you cum you will see how hot it really is… it is like an explosion; the best orgasm ever!  Just when you think you can’t hold it anymore, stop. Don’t fucking cum. I might be your little slut, whore and cunt, but that does not mean you can cum whenever you want. I am the milf, the dominate one. You have to wait till I tell you to cum. I will tease you; tell you about all my nipple clamp fantasies and about how much I love to put nipple clamps on my sweet fucking clit…but you may not cum. Yes, I am still your little slut, and I do admit you make me so horny and wet, and teasing you just turns me on even more, but that’s okay – I’ve got these men here from the club we went to last night. You remember that room we rented? Yes, I might not have been able to get fucked by eight guys that night, but tonight, you will watch.  This isn’t my first rodeo. Don’t you wish you could cum like them? Ha, I know you do, you see him cum in my mouth and me swallow it all, you see my cum glistening in between my legs. You want that. You want me, you want to cum so bad! DON’T CUM! If you cum, I will not be your little fucking slut any longer, I will not look at my cunt and think to myself “This is all you are worth.” Because it’s only true if you only cum when Mommy says it’s okay.  Mmm, orgasm denial, fantasies, and all your naughty taboos are defiantly on my mind.

sexy girls phone number

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