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adult phone chat

Hey there, boys! Are you ready for some adult phone chat with your favorite mommy on this long holiday weekend? I know I sure am! I guess it is the fact that things are getting more back to normal, and we can go out to the pool. Seeing those younger men out there in their swim trunks with their hot teenage bodies has really been getting to me. It just opened this weekend, and I am already horny and ready to fuck every single one of those boys this summer. I have already had to go back inside and masturbate twice. Hopefully soon, I will not be alone when I return to my apartment.

There’s this one boy and I know just from looking at the bulge in his trunks that he’s really packing. He’s black and you know I love big black cock – especially young BBC. I know he’s going to be so excited and have so much stamina. And you see, the thing about fucking teenage boys is that they always tell their friends about it and then they want to come over and fuck me, too. By the end of the summer, we’ll be having orgies in my apartment and I cannot fucking wait. Wanna hear about what I want to do? 

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