Piss on Me

My eyes popped open and all I could taste was rubber. Something was wrapped around my head and choking me in my mouth. The edges of my mouth were burning and my eyes stung. My memory started to come back and I could picture a car pulling up next to me on the road. The tinted window went down and before I could focus on who was inside, something sprayed in my face and eyes and I started screaming. I couldn’t see anything – I could only feel myself being yanked into the car as it sped away. A blanket or something soft was put over my face and that’s all I could remember until right now.

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There you stood, a huge man, around 6 foot 4. You were naked and there was blood on your cock. You didn’t appear to be bleeding, but it looked like you had just fucked something that was. I looked down at my own crotch in horror and saw blood covering the inside of both of my thighs and dried trickles down both legs. You had fucked me so hard I bled but for some reason but I couldn’t feel any pain. My mind couldn’t wrap itself around what was happening. You smiled at the fact that I was awake and came towards me.

You grabbed my tits hard and twisted them so hard I tried to scream through the gag. Your bloody cock was rubbing up and down my body leaving streaks of my own blood all over me. I saw my clothes on the floor shredded and it smelled like piss in the room. You shoved me back onto the floor, my hands and feet tied together. You told me I was a naughty pain whore for getting all dirty. You took your cock in your hand and stood over me and told me to get ready for my shower. You began pissing all over me. The yellow stinky piss mixing with the red blood pooled all around me on the floor. As soon as you were done you flipped me over and I could feel you stroking against my ass to get hard again. I knew my ass would be torn up next, and then it would be time for another shower..

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