Daddy Taught Me Well

adult phone chat skylynn“My sweet little Skylynn” Daddy whispered into my ear. I awoke, and looked up at my Daddy and smiled. I love being his little girl, I love all our private moments and I love being closer with him than anyone else. I layed there like a good girl while Daddy grabbed my tit, I could hear him breathing hard and I could only imagine the size of his cock at this point. He played with my nipples and told me just how beautiful my pretty little body was, and of course he told me that I was his little girl. I love hearing that, so when he told me that I decided to reward him with a blowjob. Daddy and I have been giving oral to each other since I was very young, I’ve come to know how to suck my Daddy’s cock QUITE well I would say. I started by playing with the tip, then slowly getting further and further down making sure to suck it hard just how Daddy likes it. I slowly pushed it further and further down my throat, I can see my daddy is very pleased. I go up and down taking my time just enjoying the comforting same taste that daddies cock always has. Finally Daddy wanted to speed up the pace so he grabbed me by my little pig tails and began fucking my mouth. My screams and moans were muffled by his thick dick ramming down my throat. Mmm I can finally taste the beginning of his sweet release in my mouth. He takes his dick from my mouth and comes all over my little hard nipples. It feels soo warm and sticky. I run my fingers over them so I can have more of him in my mouth. I then of course have to lick his pulsing dick to make sure I clean up after myself. Daddy raised me to always clean up my mess after I am done!

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