Mommy Phone Chat with Lilibeth

adult phone chat lilibethMommy phone chat is so much fun. I am what you might call a dirty mommy. I play with my brats and age is not an issue. The way I see it, I birthed them, they belong to me. My little sex slaves. I’m not a mean mommy. I don’t beat my offspring or deny them anything, I just make sure they know how to take care of me. I woke up this morning super horny. Many moms get served coffee in bed, I get served boy cock and little girl pussy. I have a large brood, but the young ones still living at home with me love to take care of me every morning. They crawled into bed with me this am and started licking my pussy. They had my juices all over their faces, but loved every drop. They make me squirt so hard with their little fingers and tongues. We spent the morning in bed. I took care of them too. I am a good mom after all. I just know, I cum first.

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