Magic Mouth

adult phone chat reneeI am sure you have heard of the movie Magic Mike…well I want to star in my own movie title Magic Mouth. There is nothing I love more then giving a man an awesome blow job! When a man’s dick is in your mouth you have the ultimate control as a woman. Even the biggest, strongest man can be made to quiver with knees of jello if you know how to work that cock with your mouth. Slowly teasing it, taking time to flick every inch of it with just the tip of your tongue. Making sure to get every inch from the bottom of his ball sac to the tip of that fuck stick. Making him moan and writhe with pleasure and the antagonizing need for you to slip it between your lips and slid it into your mouth. I love holding his hands down at his side so he can’t shove my head down on to the shaft. Taking my time and driving him crazy is the key to a GREAT blowjob! I don’t just suck a dick, I milk tit with skill that I have learned over the years, making it a magical experience!

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