Lil Brother

fetish phone sex (18)

I’ve always really wanted a brother. But my Mommy said I was such a rotten little terwp that she’d never have another one! Now that made me sooo sad! So I brought it to Mommy’s attention that I could have a somewhat temporary kind of brother. It would be easy! I told her I could go basically ANYWHERE and convince a brother to come home, any age she wanted too. I pleaded and begged her, but she said no for a while. She was not convinced I could do it all myself, but finally she let me. She told me the perfect age and I went straight to scout some local areas, knowing my little brother would soon be home and joining in on our incest sex family. I was even wet cuz I was so turned on and excited! He even looked like we could be related, and he came home with me happily. I knew I could get him to do whatever we wanted, what boy wouldn’t? He was already putty in our hands and I was so excited.

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