Killing Me Hard

You need new victims every day to make your rape phone sex fantasy jackoff porn videos. You plucked me off the street and I was an easy snag. I am such a stupid whore, I walked right up to your car when you were “asking for directions”. You yanked my tiny body right through the window and knocked me out cold. I woke up tied up in your basement with my cunt already bleeding. You must have fucked me while I was unconscious. Here you are now, watching me wake up crying. You’re laughing and stroking your cock.

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That’s when I see the camera. Adult phone chat wasn’t enough so now you have to do videos? You’re a sick fuck but my tiny pussy gets wet in spite of myself. I can smell the blood and my eye feels like its black and blue. That must have been where you hit me to knock me out. I look down at my arms and they are bruised. Ropes are cutting into my skin and one of my nipples is dripping blood too. What have you been doing to my limp body?

You pull me by my hair and I scream. You don’t seem to care, in fact my screaming seems to turn you on more. I scream the entire time you’re sliding your huge cock into my tight little teen cunt. I am a worthless whore now after having your perverted old cock inside me. No one will ever want me again. You fuck me hard as you start shoving your fist up my ass at the same time. I can feel my skin ripping and the blood flowing down my legs. You’re going to fuck me until I die, and at this moment that’s exactly what I am wishing for.

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