It’s Been Too Long…

adult phone chat (2)

It’s been too long since I’ve been fucked the way I want. I’ve been craving, and I mean seriously crazing a nice fat cock shoved deep inside my ass. Don’t you want to call me so we can talk about just that? Anal phone sex baby, I’m craving it! I can take your dick so well in my ass; you will have me shaking with excitement. I don’t even care if you shove it in dry, because I LOVE the pain of your huge cock stretching out my already super tight ass…oh yes. There truly is nothing like the feeling of your hard cock just completely filling me up! I will rub my wet pussy while you fuck me from behind too, mmm. And if I get lucky maybe you will pull my hair back and smack me a bit…just to hear me moan. Would you do that for me? How could you get so lucky? Your little wife or girlfriend NEVER lets you fuck her in the ass – let alone actually enjoys it!

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