Adult phone chat with bunni

adult phone chatMy brother is a naughty boy. I use to hate being around him growing up. I always remember him picking on me and not letting me hang out with him and his friends. Things changed one year out of nowhere. It also happened to be easter. I wore a cute Easter outfit. I had a sweet pink polka dotted dress. I was getting attention from all the boys. I had no idea why everyone was staring at me. Now looking back I can see that my budding ant bites were coming out. I was transitioning, and it was clear. My brother noticed a few of his friends talking to me and wanting to hang out with me. You can say he was envious. I thought he was mad. I was stealing his friends. Later on, during the day, he told me why he was so upset. My brother told me I belonged to him and I was his pretty little bunni slut. My brother fucked my brains out on Easter Sunday. Adult phone chat always ends up with me reminiscing about that particular Sunday.

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