I need your cum!

adult phone chat tammyCan you feel it? Feel my belly firm and hard, my cunt dripping wet – it’s never dry. Always waiting for the next cock to slide into my waiting pussy. You can put a hand on my tummy and feel what you can make, all the things that come with fucking me. My round belly, my cum hungry-ass. I will beg for your cock and cum. No one is more horny than a woman who is pregnant. Most bitches crave chocolate and junk food while I crave your cock in my cunt. In my sopping wet pussy… stuffed deep into my ass. Then back to my throat to make me choke and gag on it! Make me choke on it so hard I can’t breathe, but always to pull it out when it’s time to fill this juicy pussy up with your precious cum. As much as I would love to taste it we both know you want to shoot your load inside of me and as you wish I will literally beg for it through my moans and screams. I will beg for your hot and sticky cum, beg for it to fill up my horny pussy, let our juices mix all together as I feel you cum as deep into me as you can. And I will have to remind you, there’s no such thing as birth control when it comes to me, maybe that hot sticky load of yours, the cum sliding down my leg… yes, maybe that’s a new surprise for you and me. I guess we’ll see!

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