I love to play when Daddy’s away!

teen sex blogsMy daddy is out of town for a whole week and I am ready to play! There is no way that I am going to be able to wait until Daddy gets home to get fucked, I simply can NOT wait for an entire week for sex! There is no way!! Nope, I am going to have lots of guys over, I might even have me a gangbang, why not? There is no one here to tell me no so I can do absolutely anything that I want to do! It’s going to be awesome, so so many guys all at once, all those big dicks in my face ready to be sucked… mmmmmmmm my panties are soaking wet just thinking about it! Ooooh, you know what? Maybe I should record the whole thing for Daddy to watch when he comes home! I bet he would really like that huh? Then he can see all the naughty things his little girl has been up to while he’s gone!

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