I just adore spending time with my boys!

adult phone chatI just adore spending time with my boys so when I got the chance to be alone with them for a whole weekend I jumped at the chance! We had so much fun, I swear we were naked the whole time! I got to suck those little dickies every single time they got hard… and I taught them all about how to lick mommy’s pussy too! Oooh those sweet little lips and tongues on my pussy felt so good, I was cumming over and over all weekend long! My boys really know how to take care of mommy right, they licked and sucked and fucked every inch of me. They took turns fucking my pussy and my ass, I was sandwiched between them and loving every single second of it! Honestly, there’s no fucking way that anything else could ever compare to getting double teamed by my sons, they are always so so eager to take care of me and give me everything I need!

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