I got drug money from adult phone chat

adult phone chatI got all kinds of drug money just from doing adult phone chat calls can you believe that shit? Usually I am out on the street hitting up dudes in cars to get high but last night it was pouring rain and I didn’t want to go out. I needed to get my fix tho if I didn’t I was gonna lose my fucking mind! So I went online and found a place where I could get paid to get dudes off on the phone and it was the best. I partied all night long and never left my bed! Of course this morning was nice out and all that dirty talking on the phone had me super horny so I was out there before dawn trying to find some dick. I got real lucky too I ran into a dealer friend of mine and he fucked the shit out of me and got me fucked up too it was awesome! Me and the brats spent the whole day with him, he pimped us all out and we got all the drugs I could want I set up for the next week already but that won’t stop me from looking for more dick on the side anyway.

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