Harley Has A Friend

adult phone chat darlaWalking down the dark hall I could see a blue light from under his bedroom door. It was late and Harley should be fast asleep by now. Creeping up to his bedroom door I could fear a voice that wasn’t his. Puzzled I carefully opened the door and there he was siting at his computer. He looked so cute in nothing but a cute pair of panties. He looked up and smiled motioning me over. Standing behind him in nothing but a pair of panties myself I saw my tits appear of the screen. Harley was Skyping with another sissy on the computer. A cute little thing with bright red hair, big blue eyes and freckles all over his little face. Harley introduced me as his “mommy” and didn’t skip a beat. His new sissy friend was telling Harley how he wished his mommy would play with him. It wasn’t long before Harley was in my lap and we were showing his new little friend how much fun a sissy can have with a sissy loving mommy that understands. It was a long night.

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