Everyone loves cream pies, right?

adult phone chat

Adult phone chat is so fucking sexy! I get off so hard making guys cum for me! Just the thought of them sitting there, stroking their cocks just for me makes me cream my panties so fast! 

Oh and who doesn’t love creamy panties? The first thing I do when I’m group fucking is find a cum-filled pussy and bury my face right into that delicious cream pie! Getting all that sweet, salty, thick cummies on my tongue is so delicious! And I absolutely LOVE slurping it out of some girls gaped-open, destroyed asshole! Especially when she squats over my face and pushes it all into my mouth so I can swallow it in one gulp! It makes licking and sucking a sweet little cunny even sweeter, in my opinion. Besides, then there’s the added treat of suckling on that fucking clit untill the little slut squirts her yummy sweet love juice all over my face! Of course, usually by then I’ve gotten someone’s cock so fucking rock hard watching me eat a pussy like a fat kid eats cupcakes, and I get my puckered little ass broke-in too! Even if only my ass gets fucked, so long as it’s a good, hard, hair-pulling pounding, I cum so fucking fast and hard I can’t help screaming while I squirt all over us both!

You know what? I think I just love fucking in general! The nastier and stickier, the better!

How about you? Do you have a favorite? I’d love to hear about it! 

Hope to be fucking ou soon, lover! 

xoxo Pepper xoxo

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