Dirty Phone Talk? Call Me!

Dirty Phone Talk

I am wild, I’ll do anything you ask me to do! No worries, we’re both adults here. You need someone to tell all your dirty phone talk secrets too. Someone that can take care of that growing boner! Most people are really shocked by how open I am to do anything that their heart desires, and I do not really see why…the more open you are the more fun shit you get to do, I mean really why limit yourself to one kind of sex? You would not limit yourself to only having sex with one person for the rest of your life would you? That is what I thought, NO WAY! It is so much fun to do something new every night and it means that everyone gets a turn! Maybe tonight you will make me your bitch and smack me around and ruthlessly fuck my ass while I cry out in pain, but tomorrow you could be my bitch and have to watch me get fucked by a man with a cock so big it puts yours to shame! I always have some much fun exploring all of my boundaries with you! Just call me to test me, see if I really have no limits, see just how dirty I can get.

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