Cum dumpster

adult phone chat becky1I am such a naughty girl that I can not seem to keep my clothes on. I love cocks and I love them in every hole that I have. My friend asked me to take her daughter to school because she had to be at work earlier then normal. As I dropped her off and signed her into the office, in walked this man with hands full of trash bags. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of his zipper. I was unzipping it with my eyes and picturing that bulge to fill me up. As I casually walked out of the office, I decided to take a stroll by the dumpster where I assumed he would be dropping the trash off. I got completely out of my jeans and t-shirt. Out walked my trash man, in shock at what he was seeing. He dropped the trash and walked towards me as he was unbuttoning his pants. He pulled my hair and pushed me up against the trash cans and pulled my underwear down. He forced his cock in my ass and pounded me until he filled my tight pink little shit hole full of juicy cum. I let him keep filling all of my holes with his yummy cum. I am such a nasty little cum dumpster.

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