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As we all lay day down from partying all night. My boyfriend’s friend passed out on the other side of the queen bed, while me and my boyfriend laid on the other side. “Molly” my boyfriend whispered as he started sucking and licking on my neck and grabbing my titties “what you want Eric I’m trying to sleep,” I said. Can I have some pussy babe, I know your pussy is wet for me right now” Eric said. “Boy! don’t you see we can’t because your best friend is sleeping right next to us”!? .But he didn’t care his freaky ass wanted to do it anywhere and everywhere . “long as you are quiet don’t and moan out loud we will be good Molly, please babe please” .”Okay” I smiled and responded. He flipped me over and took my pants off in the dark. Eric started kissing on my neck making my already soaking wet cunt go crazy. He stuck his dick deep in my tight lot lizard pussy. “Damn Molly I knew u was wet for me already” .He went balls deep and I almost moaned out loud, “shh be quiet before you wake him up”. He covered my mouth. Eric and I went at it for a good hour, and all you could hear was heavy breathing and the bed rocking. I kept looking up making sure his friend wouldn’t wake up while Eric was pounding my cunt hole. I swear all you could hear was my wet pussy splashing and heavy breathing. I heard his friend moving but at that point, I didn’t care anymore his dick was so good I was leaving wet spots everywhere. Eric pushed my legs all the way back, then all of a sudden I looked at the corner of my eye to notice his friend been watching the whole time. I didn’t care anymore and I thought I might as well give him a show .”Fuck me, Eric, yes don’t stop, I want u deep in me”, I moaned as Eric grunted and pushed inside of me. He pulled out and I rushed at his cock to deep throat him. I got all of Eric’s nut in my mouth. It felt so enjoyable and satisfying running down my throat and chest.

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