Big Bouncy Breasts in Tahiti

big bouncy breastsMy big bouncy breasts scored me a romantic getaway to Tahiti last summer. I was jogging, well really just running home because I had to pee, and I caught the eye of a handsome older gentleman. We didn’t know each other long or well, but he swept me off my feet and took me to a nude beach in a tropical paradise. He was some big wealthy real estate developer with a fondness for sexy BBWs with big natural breasts. When we entered the resort, I told myself whatever kinky thing this guy was into, I would do because it was worth it to be some place so exotic, so beautiful. We stayed at an all adult resort, which I soon discovered meant swinger resort.

It was a romantic getaway despite all the wild fucking going on around us. Our room had a sex swing on the balcony overlooking the ocean. Our first night there, we fucked in every position we could think of in that swing while drinking fancy wine. The moonlight shined down on my big curves as he pummeled my fuck holes with his hammer of a cock. Really nice cock for a man in his 50s. No getting it up problems either. When we arrived at the club his intention was to share me, but he got addicted to my curvy body. I was fine with having that sugar daddy all to myself.

adult phone chat BBWWe fucked on the beach with waves crashing around us. We fucked on a private boat he rented for us. Even fucked in a cove while dolphins swam by. The most romantic fucking of my life. Sadly when we got back to the states, I discovered my sugar daddy was married, so we had no future together. His wife had been out of town when he swept me away for our 4 days in paradise. I would have happily been his mistress. I will be yours too if you spoil me.

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